Give Wholesalers Private Access to Your Wholesale Information
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Visitor / Wholesale Login

Why it's Good for You

Selling wholesale online is now easier with our wholesale login. Our wholesale login allows you to keep wholesale pricing and information private. Only those with your permission and the necessary login and password will be able to see your wholesale pricing and information.

How it Works for You

To create a private section of your website you need only to choose which pages are private and create a username and password to unlock those pages. You can also create wholesale pricing and information for your products that will only be available to those with a wholesale login.

Give wholesalers private access.

How it Works for Your Customers

Once you give your wholesale customers the appropriate login and password, they will have access to information hidden to the general public. This information can include wholesale pricing, directions, and any other information you choose to make available to only those with usernames and passwords.

Give wholesalers a separate login.

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