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Why it's Good for You

By using a video on your website, you can show your current and potential customers what your business has to offer. Use the video to show off products around your store, advertise with segments of classes, and prove how friendly your staff is. By using our video player, your website will look more professional because you won’t have any advertisements playing before or after your video. Our video player encourages you to take the opportunity to show your visitors why your business is great.

How it Works for You

To take advantage of our video player, simply click to add a video. This will bring you to a new page where you can upload your video in FLV format.* You can then choose the size of your video as well as a starting image. You will also have the option of having your visitors watch the video automatically or with a click. You can add a video to any page of your website, in any spot.

*FLV format - stands for Flash Video format. Any video can be converted to this format.

How it Works for Your Customers

Visitors will enjoy learning more about your business by watching a video on your website at their leisure. Depending on the settings you chose, customers will either view a video on your site automatically or will be able to click play. Visitors to your website can watch a video as many times as they want to, on any web browser, at any time, as long as they have Adobe Flash Player* . Visitors can pause the video at any point, fast forward to a certain spot, and change the volume. The player is also equipped with a counter.

*Adobe Flash Player - Downloads for free online. Allows you to watch flash videos.

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