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Unlimited Shopping Cart

Why it's Good for You

Our shopping cart is easy and safe for your customers and for you. Various functions in the shopping cart feature help you save time and save your customers from hassle. Our shopping carts allow coupon codes and provide a subtotal preview during the shopping experience. We offer integration with both Paypal and

We offer integration with Paypal and

How it Works for You

Adding products to your website is easy. To upload products, you can either fill out the necessary information for each product individually, or you can use our time-saving spreadsheet upload feature.

Before you begin adding products, you may want to choose your shopping cart settings. The image below shows what these are.

Adjust your shopping cart settings to suit your store.

The first step in adding products to your website is to create categories and subcategories to keep your products organized and easy-to-find. Categories can be changed and rearranged at any time.

Add and manage products at any time.

Once you have created your categories, you will either use our spreadsheet upload feature, or will add products individually. You may also choose to do both if it makes sense for your specific products. If you choose to add products individually, you will choose the category you wish your product to be under and will then click the new product button.

Add a new product with a click of a button.

After choosing to add a product, you will need only to fill out the necessary information and click save. While there are certain required fields, you may add any information you'd like, including as many images as you'd like.  When you complete this step, the product will be created with formatted information to keep your products attractive to viewers. You may edit and add products at any time. When you are satisfied with your product organization and information, contact us to activate your shopping cart and wait for your orders to come in!

How it Works for Your Customers

Our shopping carts are secure and easy to use.  As your customers shop, a small "shopping cart" will pop up in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Here they can see their current choices as well as a subtotal including any coupon codes they may have. They will be able to view their shopping cart while also being able to continue browsing through your products.  Once they finish shopping, your customers can checkout securely.

Our shopping cart is easy for customers to use.

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