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Unlimited Pages

Why it's Good for You

Unlike some website providers, Like Sew doesn’t limit the amount of pages you’re allowed or charge you extra for additional pages. If you have 5 pages, or 500 pages, you will pay the same amount. With unlimited pages, you don’t need to limit your ideas or scale back what you share with your customers.

How it Works for You

With one click and a few key strokes, you can add a new page to your website. You can place it in the website’s main navigation or in the website’s hidden repository* to be linked to in the future. When you add a page to your website, it is automatically designed to match the rest of your website. You can then proceed to add text, images, a slideshow, products, a calendar, a video and more. You can edit, rename, and move the page at any time. Once your website is live*, you can either keep a page hidden until you complete it, or you can have it go live instantly.

*repository – where your website stores all files and pages

*live - available for the public to view.

How it Works for Your Customers

Those who visit your website can easily navigate through your pages and enjoy all that you have to share with them.

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