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Let's Take Back Retail Together

What happens when local retailers band together to take on big online stores?

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Why do we need to
stand together?

Big box stores take billions from retailers like you every year* (Owned by Amazon) had $177M in sales last year alone and other big box stores also continue to take sales from Main Street Retail at an alarming rate. 

Join us in driving revenue back to Main Street Retail by creating one place for consumers to buy from all their favorite local shops.

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Half of all online retail sales are now done through Marketplaces*

Keeping up with consumer needs is a vital component in growing revenue and with marketplace sales set to double between 2017 and 2022 it's now more important than ever.

Take advantage of this growing shift in sales by adding your inventory to the largest online marketplace of quilters in the world with over 1M unique SKU's (30X more than Amazon).

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How can Stashify
help you?

Put sales back in your hands

Join us in driving revenue back to Main Street Retail by creating one place for consumers to buy from all their favorite local shops.

Have the largest selection

Add your inventory to the largest online marketplace of quilting products in the world with up to 1M unique SKU's (30X more than Amazon).

Sell more inventory

Most fabric has a bell-curve life cycle of demand that can grow with time. We want to help you sell that old fabric that's taking space on your shelves by getting it in front of those that want it.

Join Thousands of Retailers using  

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Getting Started

What is Stashify?

Stashify is an online marketplace (e-commerce website) that will promote and sell products for local retailers. The purpose of this marketplace is to provide retailers with an additional platform for sales, in conjunction with their website and brick-and-mortar location. With a combined total of over 1 Million unique sku's, shop owners on Stashify can boast the largest online selection of products in the world- Beating Amazon's selection of fabric by over 50%! At the end of the day, we're excited to introduce you to what we hope will be the best place to connect retailers and customers who are as passionate about quilting as we are.... and we intend to help you make more money along the way.

How do I participate?

Sign up and we'll be in touch with updates as more information becomes available.

How will it work?

Stashify helps you generate more revenue by providing another platform to sell your products on, in addition to your website and brick-and-mortar. By automatically posting your products on our website, and updating your inventory in real time, we can promote your products to local customers. Searches on Stashify will show local results allowing customers to filter by their favorite shops, by local-pickup, and more. As a Like Sew user, your inventory should be automatically synced and you shouldn't need to do anything to start selling. 


What requirements are there to be a Stashify Seller?

  • In order for inventory to be as accurate as possible, Sellers will need to be actively using their Like Sew system.
  • Since our primary focus is on promoting local Main Street Retail, all brick-and-mortar businesses are welcome to participate on Stashify. For shops without a physical presence (web-only) we will encourage an application to be submitted with information on unique products or contributions the seller can provide.
  • As we build this community together, we need to uphold the highest possible standards. As such, each Seller will be required to maintain a certain level of quality service. Things such as fast shipments, accurate inventory, and positive reviews will ensure a great shopping experience.

Will there be any contracts or commitments?

No. Our goal is to drive sales back to you, so if you’re not satisfied with the results then there’s no commitment to stay.

How can I prepare?

  • For the best results, you will want to verify that you are using the product UPC or Manufacturer ID’s provided by the vendor for all your products. For kits or custom patterns, be sure to include a unique product SKU.
  • In addition, be sure to maintain accurate inventory counts for the best customer experience and delete or deactivate inventory you no longer carry.
  • Over time, we expect a large percentage of sales to be for older fabrics that are discontinued or otherwise no longer widely distributed. For this reason, we encourage you to make sure all your old fabric is entered with all of the appropriate product information such as UPC, SKU, and accurate inventory counts. 

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