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Pros & Cons of Upgrading

Do you like to put together a list of pros and cons when making an important decision? We started one to help you decide if upgrading to the Like Sew Point of Sale would be the right move for you.

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Point of Sale Features

Real-time Integrated Inventory

Inventory worries are a thing of the past, thanks to our integrated module. No more manual updates or separate tracking tools; the POS does it for you.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Manage your POS easily with our intuitive interface. You and your employees will be pros at it in no time.


Access our cloud-based system to check on sales, work on PO's, or whatever else you want to do anywhere you have Internet.

Customer Accounts

Easily keep track of your customers' purchases and contact information for future reference.

Class Signup

Track classes with reports and online and in-store signups with the class management tool and event calendar.

Suspend & Resume Transactions

Pause a sale at the cutting station and pick it back up at checkout. It's easy with Like Sew.

Serialized Sales

Keep track of an item's sales date and customer, which rep sold it, and inventory in general.

Layaway Management

Easily setup and track customer’s payments on layaway items.

Inventory Control

Print bar codes, populate PO's based on which items need to be ordered, track incoming orders, and run on-hand inventory reports.

Report Generation

Get the information you need, when you need it. Know where your products are, which items are selling, what you need to order, and more.

Repair Tracking System

Track customer repairs including accessories and parts, and generate claim tickets for each job.

Mobile Capabilities

Take our web-based system to trade shows, use it as a cutting station around your store, or take it wherever you'd like.

Quickbooks Integration

Stay on top of your books by easily importing products, transactions, and taxes collected.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups ensure that you never lose a bit or byte when your computer crashes.

Integrated Shipping Calculator

Through the ShipStation integration, shipping charges are calculated based on weight and shipping destination.

Gift Cards

Accept gift cards hassle free.


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