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Spreadsheet Upload

Why it's Good for You

The spreadsheet upload feature allows you to save time and frustration as it allows you to manage hundreds or thousands of products easily.

How it Works for You

Whether or not you have worked with spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel in the past, the spreadsheet feature is easy to use. Each column holds a descriptive piece of information about each product and each row holds one of those products. The columns are labeled with the following items:

  • Category ID
  • Product ID
  • Product Title
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Price
  • Sale Price
  • Wholesale Price
  • Wholesale Description
  • Inventory
  • Unit
  • Weight
  • Drop Down options
  • Drop Down Options Pricing

Simply fill out the information for each item (some columns are required while others are optional) and upload the spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheet at any time to make changes and can then re-upload it at any time to set those changes in place in your online store. You can add, delete, and edit products using either the spreadsheet upload, the individual product process, or both.


How it Works for Your Customers

The spreadsheet upload feature benefits your customers because it saves you time. The time you save using the spreadsheet upload feature can be spent making your business better, growing your website, and giving your customers more attention.

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