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Why it's Good for You

Using a slideshow on your home page or on any other page of your website gives the page an extra dimension, adds movement, and shows off your products. A slideshow also adds professionalism and variety to your website design and catches the eye of your visitors.

How it Works for You

Our system allows you to create Flash* slideshows as well as JavaScript* slideshows. To add a Flash slideshow to any page, simply choose to add a slideshow. This will take you to a new page where you have many slideshow options available to you. You can choose the size of your slideshow,choose the design of your slideshow, choose to upload an overlay*, then move on to choose up to 12 images from your computer to upload to the slideshow. The slideshow can be rearranged, resized, redesigned, deleted, and recreated at any time.

Choose from 8 designs when creating a slideshow.

The JavaScript slideshow works in a similar way. Rather than uploading just images, you can upload text and images. You also have additional options in the timing of the slides. Whichever slideshow you choose, you will be sure to greatly improve any page on your website.

* Flash - Refers to Adobe Flash Player - Downloads for free online. Allows you to see several types of animation on webpages.

* JavaScript - Type of scripting language.

* overlay - Acts like a frame around the slide show.

Our slideshow designs include:

  • Simple Slideshow
  • Moving Slideshow
  • Photo Flow Slideshow
  • Photo Stack Slideshow
  • Art Gallery Slideshow
  • Box Slideshow
  • (JavaScript Slideshow)

How it Works for Your Customers

As they look through your slideshow, your customers and website visitors will get a great preview of the wonderful products, engaging classes, or friendly staff that your business has to offer. Depending on which slideshow you choose, your customers will either enjoy watching images rotate on their own, will be able to click on thumbnails to see enlarged images, or will be able to flip through images at their leisure.

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