#1 Sew and Vac shop POS - Best POS For Boutique Shops
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The all-in-one sew & vac POS built for you.

Manage your inventory, customers,
and marketing in one system.

Software Advice

Like Sew pulls it all together.

Think of the time you’ll save when you can enter information in one place and your
website, and marketing tools all update at the same time. No more double data entry.

Pos System

Simplify your life with the most advanced
all-in-one system.

  •   Inventory management & ordering
  •   Customer and loyalty tracking
  •   Simple yet powerful reporting


Impress your customers with a
beautifully designed website.

  •   Inventory always in sync with POS
  •   Easy to use widgets
  •   Responsive design


Engage your customers more often with
the right messaging.

  •   Automated email marketing
  •   Text marketing
  •   Facebook and Google reviews 

Thousands of retailers grow with Like Sew.

Like Sew enables brands, big and small, to reach new heights.
“I am very happy with Rain Retail. If and when I
do have to call with a question they are always
able to help very quickly.
Thank you for your
timely service. ”
 Glen Jr.
Green Acres Sew and Vac

The sew and vac shop POS built for you.


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