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Why it's Good for You

In the online world it is very important to be aware of how search engines see your website. With our simple tools, we’ll help you get started on optimizing your website for search engines so you can present your business to the online world in a professional way.

How it Works for You

The page description and title tag are pieces of code that tell search engines what each page on your website is about. Having control over these elements can give you great influence with search engines. Unlike some, we give you control over these aspects of your website so you can improve your website's visibility in front of search engines as well as its marketing strategies in front of customers (see graphics below).

To edit the page title and meta description on each page, you simply click on page settings and fill in the appropriate fields. Next to each field you will find guidelines to help you in creating your titles and descriptions. Below you will find greater explanations of these elements.

How it Works for Your Customers

While you will not see the meta description (page description) and title tag (page title) on your webpage, search engines and your customers will see your meta description and title tag in the following places:

1.  In Search Engine Results

See title tag and meta description in search engine results.

2. On the Web Browser

See title tags on the web browser.

3. On Facebook Posts

See title tag and meta description on Facebook posts.

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