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Rodney Manning

Web Developer

Fun Stuff

I love playing music, guitar, piano, and yes, I have even dabbled in keytar. This led me to join a few different bands, which was a very fun time. I no longer play in a band, but I still love to make electronic music and play guitar almost daily. Other than music, computers are my main hobby - creating, building, and really just messing around.

My Favorites

Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Anything & Everything SPICY
Favorite TV Shows:
Community and Parks & Recreation
Favorite Bagel:
Favorite Music:
Anything but Country
Dislikes: Crepes


Serious Stuff

I started working with computers back in 2002 by going into a computer parts store and buying the pieces I would need to build a computer (not really knowing what I was doing). I took the parts home and put them together like a lego set. Since then, I have learned to program and design websites using HTML, CSS, and, of course my favorite program, Photoshop. I was a freelance web developer/designer for about 5 years using mostly Flash-based websites for local companies in the Phoenix, AZ area. I'm looking forward to what comes next with computers and technology in general; I'm kind of a nerd at heart. :)

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