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All-in-one, cloud-based system

Point-of-Sale Website Marketing

Denton Sewing Center Increases Sales Using
Like Sew Point of Sale and Integrated Website System


"After switching to Like Sew we have seen a huge increase in sales...I would definitely recommend Like Sew Point of Sale system."

~Debbie Weigenant, Owner, Denton Sewing Center



Integrated Point of Sale and Website

Customers want what they want, and they want it right now. To get it, they’re going to ask Google if anybody within driving distance has it, and if the store is open right now. And then they’re going to go buy it so they can use it like right now. No shipping fees. No waiting.

Like Sew helps make that happen. Enter your products once, and inventory is updated automatically, whether you’re selling notions online or scissors in the store. Your Google-friendly website displays the product and store information Customer 2.0 needs to get what they want.

And that makes everybody happy.

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Like Sew has what you need to run your business.

From the back office or your home office.
It even integrates with Quickbooks.


Seamless tools for specialty retail services

Like Sew automatically integrates powerful tools into your Point of Sale and Website. The various services all work together and exchange information seamlessly, so everything just works. No plugins or coding required.


Class Management

With Like Sew, it’s easy to set up classes and post them to an event calendar on your website for people to join online or in the store.

Service Tracking

Create service tickets, log parts and labor, then ring it all up quickly and easily. You can even send a text message to your customer when their stuff is done.

Text Messaging

Like Sew is the only system that allows you to send SMS text messages right from your POS for instant customer notifications.

Social Marketing

The integrated social marketing tool makes it easy for you to tell your Likers about special sales and your most popular products.


Get all the Google-friendly tech stuff your site needs for search engine optimization so customers can find your stuff on the ‘net.

Product Catalog

Our growing list of supplier partnerships like Brewer, Checker, United Notions, Island Batik, and EE Schenck makes product management a breeze.


Quilt Market Special Extended - Save $500

#1 Point of Sale System in the Quilting & Sewing Industry

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