Pat Sloan BOM 2014
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Please fill out the form below to join our list of participating LikeSew organizations.  Also be sure to download the first block pattern and materials list below the sign up form.

Be sure to check out the promotional page on to see what our web promotions of the BOM are going to be.

After you sign up, a link to your website will be put up on the resource page so that participants in your area can buy their materials / kits / classes from you!

Please Note: To qualify as a sponsored website, you need to be a current Like Sew Websites client!  If you are not currently a client but you're interested in learning more about our website and point of sale solutions, please call us at 877-909-6699.

Some Options for You

Register to be part of the BOM and do nothing more:
  • You will be listed as one of the participating stores and can be used as a resource for customers.  You will experience a noticeable increase in web traffic and some inquiries at your store location, if you have one.

Basic promotion online:

  • If you don't want to go to a lot of effort but want to run the program and get a good response, you can do one or more of the following:
  • Monthly post on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media network in which you are active.
  • Send an e-blast each time a step in the BOM is posted.

Promote with a kit:

  • Offer a kit in one or more colorways.
  • Sell the entire kit for the front, including binding, before the program begins.
  • Show the first block made in each color after the program goes live.
  • Choose one color way with a line of fabric that is easy to get more of and continue making the rest of the quilt in that color to generate future sales.
  • Midway through, start promoting backing.
  • Post customer blocks on social media or add a gallery on your website to keep your participants engaged.

Teach a class:

  • Sell a kit for the entire project + the cost of a series of monthly classes (customer doesn't pay again).
  • Hold monthly sewing class where you teach techniques.
  • Have a demo day where participants come in and learn tricks as well as how to use tools for some of the techniques.
  • Do a blog tutorial (or on-site tutorial) to show techniques as well as to keep customers engaged.

Use as a Saturday Sampler program:

  • Charge a registration fee depending on your preferences.
  • Customers download their own patterns so there's no expense for printing (we can help you set these up as digital download products if you like!).
  • Sessions begin at a specific time and if they're late they can't attend.
  • At the first meeting give everyone a kit of the fabric.
  • If they come back to the second meeting with their block done they get the next block for free ... if not they get charged a fee.
  • Use the meeting time to teach techniques for the next block and to promote products or programs in the store.
  • Promote backing and batting midway through.
Please Fill Out the Form to Sign Up!

Pat Sloan Mystery BOM Signup

Mystery BOM Resources

In addition to the resources below, Pat is recording a video of each block tutorial that you will be able to embed in your website for your participants!  These videos will be posted on this page by Thursday, 12/26, so check back.  There will also be a tutorial on how you can very easily plugin the content of a sample page with the video anywhere on your website!


Click here to download the pattern, graphics, and article text.


Click here to download the pattern, graphics, and article text.

Sidebar Graphic for Your Website

If you wish to promote your BOM program by Pat, you may want to use a graphic like the one below on your home page to help attract interest in the program.  Instructions on how to put up the graphic are below (you can also use the one at the top of this page, but it is made for a large column of content):

After you have created a page on your website to promote the BOM (Sample content to be provided for you 12/26!) please do the following to promote the program from your Home page:

1) Right-click the image and click Save Image As... to save it to your computer somewhere easy for you to find it again (e.g. your Images folder, your Desktop, etc.).

2) Go to your Home page and click the Add Content link at the bottom of the area you will be adding it to.

3) For the Content module at the top of the list, click the Add button.

4) You will not need a heading: in the main area of the content editor click once to get your cursor flashing.  Find the Insert/Edit Image button to the right side of the bottom row of the editor controls (the button looks like a blue mountain with a sun) and click it.

5) Click Browse Server > Upload Files > Add Files and then search your computer for where you saved the image.  You can either double click the image or click it once and then click the Open button.

6) You will see a thumbnail of the image and its size.  Click the blue Start Upload button, when the upload is complete the window will disappear and you will see the image at the top of the list of available images.

7) Click the image, in the Image Properties box, set the Border to 0 and click OK.

8) I recommend clicking the Center Justify button to center the image in the area it is going into.  Click the image again (you should see drag-handles at the corners and sides) and then click the Insert / Edit Link button (in the middle of the top row of the editor controls, just above the word Size; it looks like three chain links).

9) In the upper left, click on Pages and find your promotion / sign up page for the BOM and click on its title.  The link URL will populate, you won't need anything more for this link.

10) Click the OK button, and then click the Save Module button.

11) Test your link.

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