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Northcott Integrates with Like Sew in Amazing Ways


Introducing significant time-saving integrations!

  1. Catalog - Quickly auto-fill product data on new or existing Northcott products in your Like Sew system, including titles, descriptions, images, etc. with 1 click.
  1. Like Sew Order Assist - Quickly add low-inventory items to your cart when shopping online. Simply click the Like Sew Order Assist button in the shopping cart to automatically pull in low inventory from your Like Sew point of sale.
  2. Auto Product Creation - New products you order from Northcott are also automatically added to your POS, along with product title, description, images, and other key product details. The new products also auto-populate your website so customers can shop your new items immediately.
  3. Automated Purchase Orders and Receiving Orders - Orders are created automatically in your Like Sew point of sale system when you order from Northcott.





Northcott product data now in the Like Sew Catalog

We have integrated with Northcott to pull their product data right into the Like Sew catalog.  This allows you to easily add Northcott products (including titles, descriptions, images, and more) to your Like Sew system with just a couple clicks - no spreadsheets, no uploading, no frustration!


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