Keep Customers Up to Date on Your Quilt Store News
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Why it's Good for You

Using our news module, you can keep your customers up to date on recent events, upcoming classes and sales, and more. Our news feature automatically formats your news so your visitors can quickly learn about what’s going on in your store.

How it Works for You

To utilize our news feature, simply add news items by entering a title and the details you would like to share. You can also include images and links. The feature will then format the news into easy-to-read pages. You can edit news items at any time and can also place them in any order you’d like.

How it Works for Your Customers

When looking at your news section, customers will see a few titles of your most recent news items. They will be able to either click on a specific title to learn more about that event or click on a link to the full news archive to see what other great things are going on in your store. The news feature can be set to automatically place the most recently added events at the top of the list, showing your customers the most current news first.

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