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Multiple Login Accounts

Why it's Good for You

Because you can create multiple login accounts in our system, your employees can each have their own username and password and can be given access to only the parts of the website that they are responsible for.

How it Works for You

To create multiple login accounts, you will fill out a few fields for each account, and designate what your employees are allowed to access. You may create different groups to allow your employees to edit only certain parts of the website.

Control what your employees can edit.

The first time your employees login to the backend of the website, they will be asked to create a password. We have set the system up this way so your employees will be the only ones aware of what their password is. You, of course, will still be able to edit and delete user accounts at any point if necessary. Once your employees login, they will have access to edit any pages you have allowed them to.

Each employee can have a separate login.

How it Works for Your Customers

Your customers will not have access to edit your website and will therefore not have a login account of this type.

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