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We had such a blast at Quilt Market! We saw so many of you! In case you missed Sean's classes at School House, we have the links to his powerpoints below! For those of you who attended, take a look for a little refresher.

Powerpoints from Sean Roylance's School House Classes:

5 Tips to Better Compete With Amazon

Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2016

We also have some photos!  Click here to check out our photos from QM! If you see yourself, feel free to tag the photo.

Do you have photos from Quilt Market? Send us a photo of you at your booth or with any of us and we'll add it to our Quilt Market collection! A great way to show off your booth even when it's no longer up!

Click here to upload your Quilt Market photos, or email them to 

::: Software Updates to Be Excited About :::
New Features
  • Special Orders - We have added the ability to create special orders through the new register. This first version contains what we view as the essentials for fulfilling special orders. We already have additional items planned for the next iteration, and if you have any feedback, please send an email to support. This is a new feature which contains quite a bit of new functionality. We have made a video going over how this works. Watch Video
  • Improved Website Search - The website search has been made more efficient at helping customers find the products they are looking for. We have implemented MySQL Fulltext Search capabilities, making finding products much faster. Search terms for the title, UPC, MFG ID, and SKU are weighted higher than product descriptions. The new search will score words like "needle" higher than words like "the."
  • Receipt Update - The last four digits of the credit card charged, along with the reference ID from the processor is now included on the receipt for the new till.
  • Tiered Pricing - Added an "Apply to All" for the tiered pricing, which will allow you to apply the same tiered pricing structure to all product styles/options.

Fixes / Updates

  • Shopping Cart - Fixed some stability issues the shopping cart was experiencing when using Internet Explorer. Depending on the cart contents, it could be extremely slow, making it look as if the page was unresponsive and other times make it look like there was nothing in the shopping cart.
  • Shopping Cart - Fixed display issue when viewing a product with options on the website. If you click the picture of a different product style/option, the dropdown showing the price and available inventory will now update correctly.
  • iPad Display - Fixed a display problem with the navigation bar when logged in through an iPad.
  • Rewards - Fixed an issue with the new till where rewards were not being reduced correctly when a return was processed. We will now look at the previous transaction, if one exists, and reduce rewards by the amount that was accrued originally. If not previous transaction exists, then we will look at the current product settings. Fixed many other issues with reward points.
  • Email - Fixed the order notification email for the new web checkout to display the correct details about what what purchased.
  • Reports - Fixed issue with discounted products that was causing some inaccuracies in the End of Day report.
  • New Web Checkout - Fixed issue with new web checkout where partial units (yardage) wasn't showing up in the order preview.
  • Shipping - Fixed issue with new web checkout where free shipping could not be calculated on a product with the weight of zero.
  • Shipping Address - Fixed issue with new web checkout where the customer profile wasn't being updated with the new shipping address when an online order was received.

There are many more items in each of the above categories. Click here to see the complete list of software updates.
::: Words of Wisdom :::
Andy's Productivity Tip:

If you're working with a bunch of images on a project--such as setting up a new product line--upload your images all in one batch to save time. Go to Website > Files > Images and find or create the folder you want for them, then use the Upload File system to do all of them at once. The system can handle hundreds in one go. Now your images are at the top of the list and ready to be added from anywhere in the system by choosing Select from Server!

Words of Wisdom for June provided by Andy Wheeler 
::: Meet the Family :::
We're happy to have these gentlemen in our crew! They joined us recently and are doing a great job!                                                                                    

Tim Pennington Brad Voorhees Brett Lynch
::: Free Training Webinars Available :::
New to the system? Need to brush up on your skills? Join our training webinars.
Our training webinars are a 3 part series that is repeated each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 PM Mountain Time. Click the link below to see exact dates and sign up.

::: Let's Learn Together :::
Do you have a question you think others may have too? Send Holly your question and you may see it answered here next month. We will choose the ones we think will be the most beneficial to everyone and feature them here next time.

If the question is specific to your website, we would love to answer it via phone (877-909-6699) or you may submit a support request here.

If your question is more general, or related to growing your business, click here to send your questions to Holly. (We will not be able to feature all questions here. That would be a lot of reading for you.)

Have an awesome week!

The Team At Like Sew

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