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Moda Integrates with Like Sew in 4 Amazing Ways

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A New Partnership

Obtaining the best fabrics, finished products, and supplies is now effortless with the Like Sew integration..

Like Sews's affordable all-in-one suite of tools are designed to help you efficiently manage all aspects of your business, saving you time and money. Like Sew’s advanced technologies seamlessly integrates point-of-sale, website, inventory management, ordering, customer marketing, class and event management, rentals, and more into an easy to use system.

In fact, with Like Sew’s cutting edge technology, retailers are growing their in-store sales an average of 20% after their first year of using Like Sew!

New Benefits

Order Assist

Automatically reorder your low-inventory products with one click.

Order Integration

Purchase orders are automatically created when you place an order, including adding new inventory data. Simplifying your order flow.

Receiving Order Integration

Automates receiving of an order & updates inventory with a click of a button. Keeps your inventory management accurate and up to date.

Time-saving Product Catalog

One-click auto-fill allows you to quickly enter new and current product data into your Like Sew system.

Like Sew helps
Increase your Sales


Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Easy to use system to run your business that works on any type of computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that you can access anywhere you have Internet access.


Automated Marketing Tools

Simplify and automate your marketing to your targeted customers.


Integrated E-Commerce

Great looking modern website that integrates and automates with the entire system making it super easy for your customers to learn all about your store. Your inventory will instantly and automatically sync everywhere, including online and in-store.


Vendor Integration

Product data from hundreds of vendors.


Boost Local Foot Traffic

Like Sew’s easy to use system is the only system that drives foot traffic by meeting the needs of today’s consumer. Stores on the Like Sew system see an average sales increase of 20% in the first year.


Gift & Rewards

Easily sell and track gift cards. Enhance customer loyalty with the integrated rewards program.

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