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Matt Roylance

Website Developer

Fun Stuff

I love trying new things. From sports to foods to hobbies to careers, I believe life is too short to enjoy all the new and exciting experiences out there. So far I’ve hunted with falcons, learned a second language, built my own house, rappelled down cliffs, and eaten every part of a cow but the hair. On my yet-to-do list: learn to surf, build a sailboat, taste rattlesnake, and convince my beautiful wife that another 16 years with me would be a good thing.

My Favorites

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Vegetable: Tomato
Favorite Food: Ribs
Favorite Vacation: Oregon Coast
Favorite Authors: George Eliot, Walter Scott
Favorite Actors: Russell Crowe, Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock
Favorite Musicians: One Republic, P!nk, U2

Serious Stuff

After several college degrees and careers, and being diagnosed by a co-worker as having career A.D.D., I have finally found my true love of software engineering. I enjoy testing the limits of my imagination to produce beautiful and functional web tools for our customers.

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