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Like Sew for Manufacturers

Our goal is to streamline the flow of information from suppliers to retailers and from retailers back to their suppliers. The following tools make it possible.

  1. Catalog
  2. Product Locator
  3. Purchase Order Integration Business Intelligence



Like Sew has built an extensive product catalog to simplify the product ordering and receiving process for quilting and sewing stores. The Catalog consists of product information, provided by participating manufacturers and distributors, including product titles, descriptions, UPC codes, part numbers, suggested prices, manufacturers, and product images.

Retailers can simply scan a bar code, or search by keyword, to add a product to their point-of-sale system or website. All information available for the product auto-populates the corresponding images and data fields.

Key Benefits:

Make it super easy for retailers to add your products to their point-of-sale system and website.


Simply provide us with access to your product information

Product & Store Locator

With our web-based software, we have real-time knowledge of products carried by specific stores and how much of each item remains in stock. As consumers come to your website in search of particular products manufactured by you, they can search for that item using a “Product Locator” on your website. The Locator will tell the consumer which stores have the item in stock and the quantity available. A link will take the consumer directly to the website of the retail store.

In addition, the Locator will display the stores that carry the desired item based on proximity to the consumer, allowing them to order the item from the retailer’s website or purchase it at the physical store.

Key Benefits:

1. Improve consumers’ experience
2. Push business back to the local retailers

Purchase Order Integration

Like Sew simplifies the ordering process for retailers by closing the information gap between retailers and suppliers. Manufacturers and Distributors can participate at the following three levels:

1. Like Sew Access Point

Provide an access point for Like Sew to pull up-to-date product availability and pricing information

Key Benefits:

1. Retailers can order with confidence, knowing they’ll receive what they purchased and at the listed price
2. Retailers will order more when the process is simple


Setup access point (will require a couple hours of IT time)

2. Real-time PO's

Accept real-time purchase orders from the Like Sew point of sale

Key Benefits:

1. Allows retailers to easily submit a P.O. to your system strait from the Like Sew POS eliminating paperwork, faxes, and phone time
2. Simplifies the retailer’s process, increasing repeat orders
3. Reduces orders for out of stock items


A translator must be coded to convert information from the Like Sew system to a format that is usable for your system. This can be done either by the manufacturer or by Like Sew.

3. Updates

Send updates to the Like Sew system on the status of a P.O.

Key Benefits:

1. Reduces time retailers spend making calls and sending emails
2. Saves staff time by automating the dissemination of this information


Setup access point (will require IT time)

Business Intelligence

Like Sew provides real-time information about how your products are selling in retail stores. See which products are selling quickly, which are running low on available retail inventory, and more.

Information will come from stores that choose to participate. All stores will remain anonymous. Information on individual stores will not be provided.

Key Benefits:

1. Forecast upcoming wholesale orders based on current retail sales
2. Stay current on the retail sales environment for quilting and sewing stores across the US
3. Work with us to gain visibility into the precise metrics you need for your business

Sample Reports

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