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Like Sew has acquired JMM Software and Websites for Quilters

"We are very excited to be bringing together the best of Like Sew plus JMM plus Websites For Quilters. We feel our combined strengths will help us provide fantastic point-of-sale and website services for the Quilting, Sewing, Needle Arts, and Vacuum industries."

Sean Roylance
President of Like Sew

Like Sew has acquired JMM Software and Websites for Quilters

We are excited to announce that we have recently acquired JMM Software and Websites for Quilters. We are excited for the benefits this will bring to our customers in the Quilting, Sewing, Needle Arts, and Vacuum industries.

By combining the POS technology and experience of JMM and the Ecommerce technology and experience of Websites For Quilters with our own, we plan to bring customers of the industry unprecedented software service. In addition to being the number one website provider in the industry, we are excited to now be the number one Point of Sale provider as well.

The JMM Software Acquisition

We have always worked hard to cater to quilting and sewing retailers, and now we can turn it up even more. With the acquisition of JMM software, we will take advantage of a great opportunity to learn even more about features that make a difference for the Quilting, Sewing, Needle Arts, and Vacuum industries. We are excited to learn from the expertise JMM has gained from their many years of service in the industry.

The Websites For Quilters Acquisition

The Websites For Quilters team was presented with an excellent opportunity in another industry and is moving on to pursue it. The demands of this new opportunity are going to require all of their team’s capacity.  As a result, they felt it would be in their clients’ best interest to be served by another expert in the quilting industry.  

We are honored that of the many potential partners evaluated, Websites For Quilters felt that Like Sew would be in the best position to address their clients’ needs in the present as well as in the future. Websites For Quilters will be working very closely with Like Sew during the transition to ensure that all of their clients are well taken care of. 

Effective September 1, 2015, current Websites For Quilters customers will be supported by Like Sew. We love our current customers and are excited to meet new ones. With the transfer, new features are coming which will benefit all current and future Like Sew customers including integrated UPS and USPS shipping, a color picker tool for finding fabric, and improved search features.

Like Sew will provide support for JMM and Dash during the transition

Just a Few Questions...

What is Like Sew doing to meet this increase in customers?
We have hired employees to increase our support team so that all customers receive the full support they have always enjoyed. Our entire team is aware of all info and changes so they are equipped to support customers as well as to handle necessary changes in software development.
How will Like Sew handle the transition of customers from their previous software systems?
Over the coming months, we will work closely with both the Websites For Quilters team and the JMM Software team to ensure all transitions are smooth for all customers. We are excited to learn from the software and industry experience both companies have to offer.
Will employees from the JMM Software and the Websites For Quilters teams be joining the Like Sew team?

The employees from JMM Software will move on to new opportunities and will not be joining the Like Sew team, as it does not make sense to duplicate current positions.

The employees from the Websites For Quilters team will be moving on to serve software customers in other industries, so will not be joining the Like Sew team.

We wish both teams the best and know their expertise will serve the software and business communities well.


Have more questions?
Call us at (877) 909-6699 or email us at

About Like Sew

Like Sew has been serving the Quilting, Sewing, Needle Arts, and Vacuum industries since 2008. We provide our customers with an intuitive system that employs a single database to ensure the website and point of sale sync in real time and are always up to date. Like Sew is based in Springville, Utah.


About JMM Software

For over 16 years JMM Software has provided the Sewing, Quilting, Craft, Scrapbooking, Camera, and Vacuum retail industries with POS (point of sale), customer management, and inventory tracking & control solutions. JMM software is based in San Jose, California.


About Websites For Quilters

Websites for Quilters has been serving the quilting and sewing industries since 2005. For over 10 years, they have provided small business owners with an easy-to-use website system. Their products include custom-designed websites, the Dash Content Management System, and a custom shopping cart system. Websites For Quilters is based in St. George, Utah.


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