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Lele Neria

Web Developer

Fun Stuff

I live in the beautiful place. I enjoy hanging out with my 6 girls. My wife Shelly and our 5 daughters Emma, Shelle, Sophia, Leah, and Jocie. We like to play sports, watch sports, dance, listen to music, have family parties, and eat junk food.

My Favorites

Favorite Foods: steak, salmon, corned beef, taro
Favorite Books: any programming language book, history books
Favorite Movies: Cinderella Story, Napolean Dynamite, Bourne Identity
Favorite TV Show: The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld
Favorite Music: old school, new school, some country, not really reggae or bluegrass, not classical
Favorite Fun Fact: Lived on an island for many years, but have never surfed.


Serious Stuff

Graduated from BYU-Hawaii. Earned a bachelors degree in information systems with an emphasis in programming. Minored in computer science with an associates degree in business management. Also earned a masters degree in computer science at the University of Phoenix. I have been programming since the 90's. I joined the engineering team at Like Sew Websites in August of 2012. It is awesome here.

Contact Me

Email: leleneria@likesewwebsites.com
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