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Like Sew has acquired JMM

We’re pleased to announce that we’re combining Like Sew’s cloud technology with the industry experience of JMM to deliver amazing point of sale and website technology to sewing and quilting stores.

We've prepared a 45-minute webinar to discuss Like Sew’s acquisition of JMM and what it means for you. We strongly encourage all owners of TRS software to attend this webinar.

The webinar will discuss reasons and benefits of this move, provide a brief demo of Like Sew software, and answer questions about what’s next. After the webinar you’ll have a chance to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with one of the owners of Like Sew to answer additional questions you may have about your specific store needs.

Webinar Schedule

Monday, August 24
3:00pm Mountain


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Wednesday, August 26
6:00pm Mountain


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Saturday, August 29
10:00am Mountain


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Tuesday, September 1
8:00am Mountain


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Friday, September 4
11:00am Mountain


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What does this mean?

You’re probably wondering what all of this means going forward.
We’ve attempted to anticipate some of the questions you may have...

What if I want to continue using my current JMM/TRS software?

This question really brings us to the heart of the decision for Like Sew to combine with JMM to make the best Point of Sale software possible. There are major problems facing traditional desktop software. For example TRS doesn’t work on Macs, phones, iPads, or Android tablets. Software everywhere is transitioning to the cloud-based technologies utilized by Like Sew.

JMM was faced with the difficult reality that its underlying technology is quickly becoming obsolete. Like Sew has been challenged with learning the intricacies of the quilting and sewing industries. Bringing the best of both together was an ideal outcome.

If you really enjoy your current TRS software, you can absolutely continue to use it. Our hope is that now or in the future you will consider the advantages and benefits of the combined strengths of Like Sew and JMM.

Will Like Sew continue to support TRS?

We will offer full support for TRS through the end of 2015. Basic support will be offered until August 1, 2016. TRS will no longer be supported after that date. As you can imagine, we will create a much better product if we focus our efforts on implementing fantastic features using a technology primed for future success.

If you have paid for support with JMM that extends beyond August 1 of 2016, the prorated remaining amount can be applied to Like Sew support if you choose.

Will there be future upgrades to TRS?
The lifecycle of the technology that TRS is built on is rapidly coming to an end. It does not make economic sense to continue to invest time and resources in this technology. Like Sew development resources will be focused on improving the Like Sew system in an effort to provide you with the best retail software possible.
Does Like Sew offer any advantages compared to my current TRS system?

There are a number of inherent benefits that come with the cloud-based technology used to build the Like Sew software. Here are a few:

Integrated Website – Enter your inventory once in your point of sale and have it automatically added to your website. Students can sign up for classes either in your store or at night on your website. Available seats and class rosters are automatically kept in sync. Gift cards and coupons can be used on your website as well as in your store.

Super Easy to Use – Modern interfaces built on cloud-technology are inherently very easy to use. Our clients who have already made the transition are finding that their staff is much more efficient using Like Sew’s super easy software.

Manufacturer Integrations – We have integrated product catalog data and purchase orders with United Notions, Brewer, and Checker. Many more integrations are on the way.

Mobile – You can access reports on a tablet or laptop from the comfort of your living room. You can run your Point of Sale at the local craft show on your cell phone and a tablet or laptop. All inventory is automatically handled.

No Backups Ever – We automatically take care of backups with our cloud-based software. You don’t ever have to worry about backups again.

No Installs Ever – You’ll never have to install or upgrade software on your computer with Like Sew’s cloud-based software.

Have others already made the transition from TRS to Like Sew?
Yes, over 200 stores have successfully made the transition from TRS to Like Sew over the last couple of years
Is Like Sew lacking features I need?
Some TRS users have looked in to the possibility of using Like Sew in the past only to find features important to their business not yet available in the Like Sew software. Like Sew has 5 full-time developers working hard to add features that have previously been lacking. We haven’t incorporated every last detail that can be found in TRS. However, a substantial amount of progress has been made. One of the strategic objectives of teaming with JMM is to quickly identify and build in to the Like Sew software any remaining key features that JMM has identified over the years in the quilting and sewing industry.
Will the data in my TRS system transfer to Like Sew?
Yes, we will transfer your customers and products to the Like Sew system for no additional charge.
Will my current hardware work with the Like Sew system?
Receipt printers, barcode scanners, label printers, and cash boxes will work fine. Cutting stations fit right in with the Like Sew system. Nearly all existing hardware will work just fine.
How does the total cost of ownership for the Like Sew point-of-sale compare to what I’ve been paying for TRS?

There will be a one-time transition cost of switching to Like Sew (details below). Beyond that, here is a comparison of costs:



Like Sew

Upgrade Fees

Periodic.  $600-$2,400


Support Fees

$250 - $500 / year


Separate Website

$50 - $75 / month


Website Connector

$399 / year


Hardware for Additional Registers

$2,000 (one time)

$900 (one time)


Upgrade + basic website + basic support: $100/month (approx.)

Upgrades + Premium Support + Full ecommerce website + web connector: $175/month (approx.)

$99 - $149 / month

What will it cost to transition to Like Sew’s cloud-based point of sale and website system?

We're offering special pricing for a limited time for those who want to commit soon to making the transition. Those who commit now can schedule their transition for any month between now and June of 2016. Spots are limited for each month and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All packages include a new, responsive website.

Commit by September 30:    


Commit by October 31:


Commit by November 30:


After November 30:

Standard Pricing

* Custom website design: + $999 (optional)

Are payment plans available?
Yes, payment plans are available.
Do I have to pay for the transition when I commit and reserve my spot?
Yes. To lock in the introductory pricing and to reserve your selected month to make the transition, you’ll need to pay for the transition. Payment plans are available.
Is Like Sew ready for EMV?
YES! Starting October 1st, retailers will be liable for fraudulent credit card charges through their store if they are not accepting chip & pin credit cards. With the liability shift stemming from EMV, we recommend a new card processing device which keeps you compliant and integrates seamlessly with our software. This option has the additional benefit that you no longer need to key in the amount due in a separate credit card processing terminal. No more worries about accidentally typing in an incorrect amount and undercharging for the purchase.
Will I receive training on the Like Sew system?
Yes. You will first be assigned to an account manager. A series of trainings will be scheduled. After that, you will always have unlimited access to our customer support team.
Does Like Sew have all the features that I currently use in TRS?
Though we can’t claim to have every single feature that TRS offers, we do have the vast majority. With this acquisition, we’ll now have input from Joe Martinez, formerly the president of JMM, to assist us in rounding out the Like Sew product.

Have more questions?
Call us at (877) 909-6699 or email us at

Get started now…

If you're ready to reserve your spot, we can begin working out the details of your transition. You decide when you want to make the transition, but due to the amount of support required we can only accommodate a limited number of stores per month.

JMM Transition

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