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Forms Tool

Why it's Good for You

Forms can be great tools for gathering necessary information from your customers or for having them contact you with questions they may have. Because our form development feature allows you to create customized forms, you can create any form you may need, whether it be simple or complex.

How it Works for You

To create a customized form, you will simply need to decide which options you would like to use – you may use check boxes, dropdown boxes, and small and large text fields. You can create a form with one line or with many lines, depending on your needs. You will then choose an email address where you would like submitted forms to be sent. Submitted information will also be stored in your website for your convenience. You can create multiple forms and can edit them at any time.

How it Works for Your Customers

Customers can fill out these forms easily to contact you, get a quote, send in a custom order and more. These forms are easy to use and will not frustrate your customers, but will encourage them to trust your website and your business.

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