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File Transfer

Why it's Good for You

Sending large files to a coworker, customer, employee, business, or friend can often be difficult. Many times large files do not fit in emails so we are forced to send multiple emails, mail a CD or USB drive, or pay for a service that allows us to transfer these files. Like Sew has solved this issue with our file transfer feature, saving you and your customers time and frustration. Your customers can now send files up to 50 MB in size without going through the usual hassle required.

How it Works for You

To take advantage of our file transfer feature, designate an email address to receive the large files and then place the file transfer button on the page desired. You may also attach directions to the button for the convenience of your customers. You may create multiple file transfer areas. You may also choose to add the transfer button to private pages for business use between coworkers.

How it Works for Your Customers

To transfer the large file, your customers need only to choose the file from its location on their computer and then click upload. Once the file is transferred, they will see a message that says “Your message has been uploaded and sent. Thank you.” Your customers will greatly appreciate this convenience.

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