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Questions & Answers

Click any question to learn more. If you have a question not answered here, just contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help.

Does your online shopping cart allow selling fabric by the 1/4 yard?

Yes! You can set your shopping cart to sell fabric by a minimum of 1/4 yard, fat quarter, or 1/2 yard.

Does your website software work on a Mac?

Yes. Our customers go online to use our software to edit their websites. Because of this, you may edit your website on a Mac or a PC. All you need is Internet access.

Is my website/logo design mine to keep?

Yes. Should you decide to find services elsewhere, you will be able to take your design with you.

Do you design and host websites for companies that aren't in the quilting/craft industry?

Yes. We offer websites for scuba, outdoor, and gun shops through our parent company, Rain. We also create websites for governments through our company iGOV Websites.

If I already have a website, can I keep the same address but get a new website?

es. Your website address is simply a holding spot for your website. By switching some information, we can tell your website address to point to your new website.

Do you sell domains/urls/website addresses?

We don't. We would be happy to help you purchase one from a company that does, and are able to work with any company to set your website up at the address you purchase.

When do the monthly fees start?

Your monthly fees start 14 days after your initial consultation meeting with an account manager.

Can I have you design my website, but not host it?

Our website design and hosting services are a package deal. We do not design websites that we do not host.

I already have a website design. Can you just host my website?

If you own the rights to the design, we may be able to take it and put it into our site builder. We have also had clients draw up a sketch of the design they want and give it to our designer to make it compatible with our system. We do not host websites that are not in our system.

What will happen while I am working on my website, what will visitors see?

If you already have a website, you will probably want to keep it up while you enter information into your new website on a staging domain. This is a place where you can work on your website without worrying about your visitors seeing your unfinished product. If this is your first website, you will simply work on it on the staging domain until you are ready to show it to the general public. You can always make changes to your website, even after it "goes live" (meaning it becomes available to the general public).

Can I sell fabric in meters with your shopping cart?

Yes! Our system allows you to sell your fabric in meters or in yards. Just call us and we will set the unit of measurement you request.

What options do I have for my shopping cart?

We offer integration through Paypal and Secure Checkout via our integrated processing options.


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