Use Email Marketing to Bring Customers to Your Quilt Shop
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Email Marketing

Why it's Good for You

Email marketing is a great way to bring traffic to your website. Using our system, you can send out mass emails more efficiently with greater results.

How it Works for You

Our email marketing system allows you to create and save messages, collect email addresses and store them in lists, and track the performance of the emails you send. As you send emails you will be able to choose which group of individuals to send them to as well as whether or not you want to store the email in your newsletter archive for customers to reference right on your website.

Once you've sent your email, you'll be able to see how many people have received your email and how many people have opened your email. By tracking your success, you'll learn what types of emails work for your customers, enabling you to increase your open rate each time. To further help you increase your open rate, we also offer tutorials on creating successful emails and newsletters.

Our email marketing system allows you to save drafts and templates.

Reach more customers with our email marketing system.

How it Works for Your Customers

With our email marketing system, the percentage of your emails being filtered by spam is much smaller than with other systems. Because of this, your customers will not miss out on the great sales, products, and events that your business has to offer.

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