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Why it's Good for You

By using our special class feature to upload classes into your website, you will save time formatting as the feature automatically formats the information you enter into easy to understand categories and organized details. This feature saves you time again as it can be set to sync automatically with your website’s event calendar.

How it Works for You

To add a class to your website, you will simply fill out the necessary information to provide your customers with what they need to know. This information may include:

  • Class Title
  • Project Image
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Start Date
  • Class Frequency Options
  • Hours
  • Cost
  • Skill Level
  • Material Included
  • Requirements
  • Instructor

You can also add images to show your customers what they will be learning about or making in the class. Once you have completed the information form, the feature will automatically format this information so it is easy to read. The classes will be listed in categories with the image, short description and cost that you provide. Customers can then click on the class name to see the full list of details and more images. You can also set the class times to appear on your event calendar, saving you time as you won’t need to enter the classes in twice. You also have the option to set a "buy now" button with your classes so customers can register and pay for classes online.

How it Works for Your Customers

Your customers will be able to see all of your classes listed into categories with the information neatly organized so they can easily find out when a class will be, what it will cost, and any other details they may need to know. They can also register and pay for classes online.  This will save your customers time and frustration, encouraging them to attend your shop’s classes.

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