Learn to instantly add products from your vendors to your Like Sew system!
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Fast and Easy Product Entry by Catalog

Add products instantly to your Like Sew system using the Catalog.

Reclaim Your Work Hours

Tired of losing the hours of your day to data entry? Reclaim your day using the Catalog built into your Like Sew system. Enter products in seconds instead of minutes, complete with images, details, and descriptions straight from your vendors and save tons of hours of tedious data entry.

We already integrate with many major vendors; Moda, Checker, Brewer, Island Batik, and many more are on the way!

It's very user-friendly and easy to use. I like that it's more geared towards fabric shops than other POS systems.

- Earleene Kellogg, Owner, Nuts and Bolts Fabric Shop



Choose Your Vendor

It's easy to set up the vendors you use in our Inventory menu. In our Vendors area you may add as many as you like, just enter the details, save, and you're ready to go. Your vendors will be available for Catalog use as well as our purchase ordering system. You can even use our Integration feature for live product ordering integration with the live warehouse inventory of many vendors! We're working with more vendors to add live integration for you.

Work seamlessly with all of your vendors in the Like Sew system.



Add a new product in seconds with the Like Sew Catalog.

Rapidly Add Products

Adding your products to the Like Sew system is quick and easy; just scan in your barcode and the Catalog will add the product title, image, descriptions, msrp, and many more details automatically. After you adjust a few more preferences, you can save the new product in just a few seconds.




Reorder With Ease

The Like Sew system makes inventory management a breeze. You can set your desired stock levels, reorder points, and default costs for your products so the system will know when to add the products to vendor orders. You can set secondary vendors to take advantage of special terms and pricing, and our reporting makes keeping up with your low inventory easy.

Reorder products easily with the Like Sew system.


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