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Event Calendar

Why it's Good for You

With our easy to use calendar feature, you can keep your customers aware of upcoming classes, sales, guest speakers, shop hops, and other store events. The calendar preview and category options help you help your customers learn about your store’s events quickly and easily.

How it Works for You

Our calendar feature gives you the option to either upload a spreadsheet of information if you have a large number of events, or to enter events in one at a time. If you choose to enter events into the calendar one by one, you will simply need to fill out the fields with the necessary information and click save. Information such as date, location, time, phone number and details will be formatted into the calendar.

You can include images, text and links in your details section. You can also place events in custom made categories to help your customers easily find what they are looking for. To save yourself time, set the class feature to sync with the calendar so your classes automatically show up on the calendar without your entering them twice.

You can also save yourself time by setting events that occur multiple times to be automatically placed on the calendar every week, every month, every day, every year, etc. You can edit, delete and add events at any time. Once you're ready, you can place a calendar preview showing the next 4 events on any page of your website and set the calendar to show up as well.

How it Works for Your Customers

If you choose to use our calendar preview option, customers can click on an event in the preview to learn more about that specific event, or can choose to view the entire calendar. When viewing the entire calendar, the events of each month will be listed on the days they occur, as well as below the calendar with the time and title of the event. Visitors can click on either place to learn about the details of that specific event. Customers will become more involved with your store as they quickly see the entire calendar, choose the events they would like to attend, and learn more about those selected events.

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Help customers get involved with a functional events calendar.


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