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Brooke LeBaron

Migration Employee

Fun Stuff

I've been known for having a one-woman dance party wherever I am. I also love to be outdoors as much as possible. One of my favorite outdoor activities is fishing.

I love sharing my exciting life though all types of social media. My favorites are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Blogger (

Another passion I have is for traveling. I absolutely love to travel. I want to travel all around the world and discover people, places, and cultures that are unknown to me!

My Favorites

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
Favorite Book: The Autobiography of Pablo Casals, or any book written on the Holocaust.
Favorite TV Shows: Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, The Biggest Loser, and MANY many others
Favorite Musician: Regina Spektor, anything composed by Brahms or Prokofiev
Favorite Food: I can eat pancakes or pizza anytime, anywhere.

Serious Stuff

I'm a 21-year-old student attending BYU. I live for music, fitness, and adventure. I've played the cello for 13 years now, and it's my passion. Now I play cello and sing in a band called Robert & The Carrolls.

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