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Easily manage your store’s block of the month program
directly through the Like Sew POS system.
Special introductory offer to the first 100 customers!
Sell subscriptions online or in-store via POS
Reduce call-in’s and increase your reach via online marketing on your website - one and done.
Manage your subscriptions within the POS system
Setting up your subscription program and managing your plan members has never been easier!
Fulfill orders the easy way
Reduce the number of clicks it takes to complete fulfillment - it’s a quick 5-minute process because your POS does the order fulfillment for you.
Automatically bill your customers with 100% PCI compliance
Eliminate human error, free up more time, and let your POS system do all the worrying over declined subscriptions.

Watch our 3-minute tutorial

Take advantage of these discounted rates and get started today

$300.00     FREE
No Activation Fee
$75.00     $20.00
per month
$.50     $0.30
per subscriber

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