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Automated Social

A Way to Increase Sales Without Stealing Your Time

In today's world, social media is an important part of every business owner's marketing strategy. Although times have changed, the amount of extra time business owners have, hasn't. Because we understand this, our Facebook marketing experts and developers have created a system that works with your website or Point of Sale to automatically create relevant posts for your business' Facebook page.

Customizable Settings to Fit Your Business

We understand that there is a variety of needs when it comes to Facebook marketing. Some want assistance in keeping up on their Facebook posts, while others don't want to ever have to think about it. Because of this, our system has a variety of options that let you choose post frequency as well as message types and

message priority. You will still be able to post on your own whenever you'd like.

Sample Types of Facebook Posts

Below are some of the types of posts our software will automatically create using your product information.

New Sale or Coupons
Class Seats Remaining
Upcoming Classes
New Products
Most Popular Products
News & Announcements

Quilting & Sewing Content

Because fans of your Facebook page want to see more than just product and sales info about your business, our writing team has created a repository of relevant sewing and quilting content that you can choose to be automatically incorporated into your Facebook marketing strategy.

Patent Pending

We've filed a patent on this exclusive technology. This is the only set-it-and-forget-it social marketing tool available anywhere!

Coming Soon: Pinterest & Twitter Automated Marketing

We plan to extend our automated social marketing options to Twitter and Email-Marketing in the future. Pinterest will also be automated (pending verification of appropriate available programmatic connections to Pinterest).

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