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Andy Wheeler

Head of Support Team & Account Manager

Fun Stuff

When I’m not taking my boys out for laser tag or bowling, we are going to Pirate Island Pizza or fishing up Provo Canyon. I’m the father of two amazing boys, Luke (13) and Kenley (9). When not with my boys, I am an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, and I write in those genres as well. I also play tournament-level Magic: The Gathering, watch 1 – 2 movies per week (depending on the quality of that week’s releases), and play online games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo III.  To see an excellent example of an out of date blog, take a look at my blog site, Wordsmith's Muse.

My Favorites

Favorite Movie: Hot Rod
Favorite Book: The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson
Favorite TV Show: Firefly
Favorite Music Group: Angels and Airwaves
Favorite Game: Risk
Favorite Website: Engadget
Favorite Foods: Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Barbeque, Steak, Breakfast Food


Serious Stuff

After college, I moved to Japan where I spent ten years teaching English as a second language to all ages. I finally put my higher education to use (dual major in business management and international marketing) when I opened my own English school over there and attracted more students than I could fit into my schedule. After three years of running my school, I returned to the US to Portland, where I recreated the product line for Persogenics, rewriting all of their material (training manuals and profiling instruments) and became an owner in the company. I moved to Utah with Persogenics and was loaned to DrugTALK to help create their product line of educational materials about substance abuse, communication training to help families talk about tough issues, and their marketing materials and packaging. After a series of other jobs, I started a career at Like Sew Websites in the fall of 2009 where I have created training materials and websites, conducted training webinars, and managed the deployment team. I currently serve as an account manager, I help out with our support team, and I am in the process of updating all training materials and videos.  I also serve as the webmaster for

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