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Inspire and Get Rewarded.
Join our affiliate program

1. Apply

Interested in being an affiliate? Apply and we'll reach out. 

2. Inspire

Our kits are hand-crafted by thousands of local shops. Share ones that inspire you and get others inspired.

3. Earn cash

You can earn money as an affiliate by linking to us from your website/blog or by sharing kits you love on social media. 


Keep your content fresh & fun by sharing new kits added daily.

Share kits that inspire you and earn cash on every purchase.

Create custom kit collections on products no longer available to the public.


What is Stashify?

Stashify is a specialty marketplace where people can buy from local quilt shops with the convenience of a massive combined product selection.

How do I sign up?

Apply to join and, if accepted, you'll receive a link to create an account on a 3rd party affiliate tracking website. 

How often are affiliates paid?

All affiliates are paid on a monthly basis.

Can I refer myself?

No, your own purchases will not result in any commissions. 

How do you know that sales came from you?

Your link contains a special characters that tell us when a sale is made from someone that came from you.

What are affiliates?

You share our website on your social media pages, blog, or website and for every sale made through those links we pay you. 

Why should I join?

There are lots of reasons to join our affiliate program but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Share kits that inspire you, get others inspired, and earn cash. What could be better?
  • Totally free to participate.
  • Access to a wide variety of unique kits, created by local shops who share a passion for quilting.

What does it cost?

Nothing. It's absolutely free to join and participate.

Can anyone join the affiliate program?

Everyone is welcome to apply but we will not associate with anyone promoting illegal or illicit content.

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