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Point of Sale

Easy-to-Use Interface

  Our system was designed with the novice Internet user in mind. Its easy-to-use, yet powerful interface allows you to look up information on customers, enter products, check on classes, and more, with a few simple clicks.
Real Time Integration
  With our POS, all of your transactions are synced with your website in real time.  Your inventory is automatically updated, so you don't need to waste valuable time tracking inventory in separate places and trying to update it manually.

Features You Want

    Customer Accounts
- Saves important customer info and notes
- See stats; when they last bought, how much they spend, etc
- Integrated with email marketing tool
- Track rewards points

Class Signup
- Sign up online or in the store
- Track all classes running
- Reports on available seats
- Printable roster
Service & Repair
- Track services and repairs for each customer
- Claim tickets for each repair job
- Track parts and service
- Track accessories with equipment
- Part used in repairs are automatically pulled from inventory

Suspended Accounts
- Suspend an account at the cutting station and pick it back up at checkout
    Serialized Sales
- Tracks serialized sales and inventory
- Tracks sale date and customer
- Tracks which rep sold the serialized
Inventory Control
- Tracks inventory levels
- Runs inventory on hand report
- Populates PO's based on what items need to be ordered
- Tracks what you've ordered and what's been received
- Easily prints bar codes

    Gift Certificate Options
-Accept gift certicates easily

Web Based
- Compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile devices
    Quickbooks Integration
- Import products, transactions, taxes collected and more into Quickbooks from Like Sew Point-of-Sale.
Mobile Capability
  With the mobile capability our Point of Sale offers, you can take your POS to a cutting station, a sidewalk sale, a trade show, or really anywhere. Our system is designed to work on iPads and other tablets, giving your business great mobility.
Automatic Backups
  You will never need to worry about losing any of your product information or other content; our system backs up information automatically in the cloud. By keeping your information safe, we're simply giving you one less thing to worry about.
  How-To Videos
  Although our system is intuitive, you will of course want to learn how to use it. For this reason we provide you with how-to videos that you can watch at your convenience.
Written Tutorials
  In case you are the type of learner that likes to read step-by-step instructions, we provide you with how-to-guides and FAQs so you can get the info you need in the format you like.
Live Webinars
  Become an expert at using your POS by watching our live webinars. All of our webinars are followed by a live Q&A session where we encourage you to ask whatever questions you have. We hold one training webinar a week on rotating topics.
Support Line and Email
  If you ever have questions about using your POS, feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to walk you through it. You are also welcome to email us at any time.